​in my headd lyrics

Its in my head
Love and problems occupying, obviously
I won't commit if I'm imploding, righteously
Memories of you believing, “Follow me"
There's something I don't wanna keep a secret [Chorus]
I know the fall, I saw you fall
‘And I was staring at your loss
Knew you well, I saw you fail
I hoped that its all in my head[Verse]
And I'm looking up
Thinking where I am now
I don't need no luck
I already failed, yeah
Everything's ok
Except that its not, ah
I know that at core
I did something wrong. yeah
I just wonder how my path goes
I will follow any cost for it
Copped a foreign, now the roof drops
She will do a tiktok to my new song, good for it
I betrayed you and I dont love it
But you would do the same in the samе aura
In the moment heartratе over 140
Nerves pushing, Im just trying to ignore it
I feel so wrong, but itl be alright
I stabbed your back and it wasn't right
I'm the impostor of the night
It hurt my lungs to see you fight
‘And if it heals, I'm really hurt
I gained your trust and broke the word
I'm sorry I don't want no more
I'm sorry, but I want some mare
Stars wanna follow me, I'm breaking, honestly
I'm immature in the choices I make
And if it's not too late, I want to have your fate
I want your hand, I don't want your respect
I wanna build again, I want you to be there
Screaming my lungs, hope that I'm not too late
I want a future and I wanna love you there
I wanna die just so you would be safe
zzile! – in my headd

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