Zoey Dollaz Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #002

Zoey Dollaz



I'm back to Cali like I’m Biggie
I had to kill this cuz I kept hearing pressure from Dizzy
What? It's never no pressure
My dog Jermaine in here with me you dig? [Verse]
Look this shit Imma have 'em ask Future where you find ’em
Where I'm from them niggas play with sticks like Benihana's
M-I-A-M-I they thought I couldn't spit so I had to put the flow on semi
By the end of this beat Imma go on fully auto
Ridin' on this shit like I'm sittin' on Forgiatos
Yeah FBG is what I rep
When I get on these beats I drop bombs thinkin' I’m Flex
I told these niggas I’m next and that was last year
This shit I'm just here to make the path clear
You niggas out of place you droppin’ a lot of waste
This flow can top a Wraith that make me feel like I'm outer space
Yeah I'm a problem call nine-eleven
Lot of rappers don't get played for my aux like an iPhone 7
Yeah the boy spittin’ like a newborn
Had to wake em up they slept on me like a Futon
Yeah now these niggas out findin' shelter
The face on the watch bigger than the Alka-Seltzer
Down south nigga couldn't rap
Well in about one minute Imma show you that opinion is not a fact
I'm a problem show me a nigga that's gon solve him
Show me a beat that I ain't gon flick like a marble
Nigga! You dig? Show me a beat that I ain't flick like a marble

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