Each and every Moment lyrics

This is unfair

My nigga, have you ever seen a poltergeist?
Get a check to see me twice
Bet it won't be twice as nice
And, you know I don't got many friends
Raised my temperature up top with the Mega Man, blam
Visions hard to see like white on rice
Niggas, they want me to catch my flight, I peeled the skin
Off my back and made a kite
Signing shit, copy this, I go just where I like
This on the grill, piranha grill, I'ma eat anything I like
Quit hogging shit, bitch talking shit since niggas stole my bike
Monopoly, mahogany, I'ma smoke these woods all night
I'm watching him, abolish him for everything he incite
TSA, I love every dog, but I don't like them ones, they bite
Took out my brain, I'm parking it, I'ma leave that bitch outside
I clicked along when I sat down in my seat and took a ride
Bitch, I'm gliding like saliva, cold-blooded like an iguana
Get that paper when I partner, play with mine, I'll put you under
I don't ever close my eyes, these niggas grinding till the sun up
I'm the lighting that you see, I'm the night, I'm the thunder
From a city mean-mugging, they'll shank you and get muggy
It be cold like a scully, put some shoes on your puppy
I'll walk you outside, get you scruffy
Flippin bars, knuckin, buckin, jugglin, getting the bitches in the ?
Had a scrap last week, all you threw was some nuggets
Had a scrap last week, all I threw was some fuzzies
I only want it if it's blurry every time I take a substance
I ain't got time to kill this shit, thank God for each and every moment
When you listen to my music you're like "damn, he really want it"
Pull a fingertip off baby, that's a key component
Each hair follicle gettin wrecked out any woman
Smokin shoutout, shoutout, bitch I do what I wanna
I came from the rumble like "show me my opponent"
I been through the mud, I showed myself how to love it
That's just education, what I pulled up out the oven
Been emancipated since I jumped up out the stomach
"He can't start right", nah bitch I just now started gunnin
Take the market then I flood it, cause I'm all they ever wanted
Wings on my back, I pull em off at any moment
Slingshot attack, I put your eyes out, hear me comin
We down the street, but I know that you smellin somethin
Abbreviation, you ain't gotta call me nothin
Catch the boy, catch it, you won't catch me, Beni-Hana's
Bitches think I'm playing cause I ain't got a baby momma
Pull up in a spaceship or I pull up in a Honda
Damn he got bars, these bitches long as anacondas
Pull the toxins out you like you're sittin in a sauna
They think I'm a teacher but I'm just an ill-advisor

ZelooperZ – Each and every Moment

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