[Verse 1]
In the fall
Looking for the one but I know
Imma push away her love and never call
She'll get mad and wanna man up off the top
And I might be the one to break her heart (yuh)
Roll up alone, feeling lost
Won't overdose with the fye
Darker ideas, see the lighter
Might enjoy the ride yeah
Feeling way to low for some guidance
Rockstar life, Imma live every night
Wonder when she'll take me up and I wanna get higher
She just wanna party yeah swear she can't make her mind up
And that's on God
[Verse 2]
She actin' up, money stacking up
Want my soul, she said she don't ask for much
Magic touch get her anything she want
On her toes cause she see I leveled up
Yeah, but the money ain't enough
Red room, black shades, high as fuck
Put her phone down, our connections cut
Dance all night we don't wake up to the sun
That's on God

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