The boy is up
The sun is Down
The money up
Uh! I'm looking fresh
I’m looking clean
Designer Drip
Uh!This jam a hit
You never skip
She said it gripShe naughty as fuck it's Pleasure
She always down wheneverLighter juice
Gimme juice give me lean
I wanna smoke I choke I wanna spliffI went to church cause I wanna give
So I found my sins
Bitches were twins
In summer jeans
Riding my dick
So we jump the cliff
In the water deep
Money be raining like lottеry
We in the club and it's Robbey
All I bе talking is poetry
Bottle of henny is on me
[back to hook]
The boy Is Ip…Second(verse)
You know I keep 100 up ma nigga
You up your game you get it done ma nigga
All my old hoes still love nigga
Use to beat that pussy like a drum ma niggaCall me Zaddy keys when I hold the keys
Make your girl feel like she smoked weed
I’m the heaven nigga
Don't ask me to many questionDon't make lose my temper
Don't make use a weapon
Don't make teach you a lesson
Neck looking like a lemon (ice)
All I need is Mandela nelson
Homie I feel the tension
Homie I feel your passion
Quite playing start putting action
Got bottle of henny
It cost a few penny
I know that I'm sexy
When I get the ball I'm Messy
Shawty look fancy
We took a taxi
Straight to my valleySee life is amazing
Once you start looking at good on a daily
Quit worrying you doing okay
I'm ambition I know I will make it
Plug in a beat when I rap I start blazing
When she heard it her ass started shaking
I’m aligning my chakras I’m waking
You know I'm the best on making
I switch on this beat like it’s fashion

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