Meanwhile In Rustenburg lyrics

Yeah (x8)
It took a minute for them to see that a Yungin is up , I'm too legit These people saying they dripped , but look at my feet , yeah i got the cooler kicksI'm in the mood , you too uptight , yo where is the weed ? he needs a fixLook at him actin all cocky , he forgot after this he needs a lift
How you gon tell em that you the shit?
I just came and took your bitch
I'm headed with her to the crib
God dammit i just hit a lickDon't worry 'bout me I'm still in my bag, but some of these niggas are full of shit
This is another pandemic and yo you can tell beause the flow is sick
Callin' the shots , you said you a dog and I am the man so nigga SIT
She in them jeans , i wonder how , she got the curves , her booty THICK
Roll up a j , she smoke a 6
Fuck with her mind , I'm full of tricks
Yung nigga popping , check out the opps , they tryna approach , they on my dick
Yung Zaddie – Meanwhile In Rustenburg

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