Verse.1 Yeah this the type of shit I’m onDon’t tell me that love meIf you gone leave me aloneNever go through her phoneCause you gone see some shit that wrongYou tell her she can leaveNow she acting like you wrongAsk me why I’m madBitch you know what going on
And you Tell her to get onCause you know that she wrongShe got me up at night
Thinking bout lifeLike wassup nextYeah I’m hurting thinkingLike who I need to fuck nextI didn’t еven careI just want to see her upsеtShe see me move onNa she act likeThat she doing goodWhen I know that she hurtWhy I feel like they hereTo see me hurtKnow that I love you
But still put my name in dirtI have to let goCause the relationship wouldn’t workBut she know I fuck her goodI didn’t even have to pop a perkHookLate at nightFuck me in the morningAnd late at nightBae I wanna fuck againCan we make love agianX2 (Cause I’m like can you come closerBaby girl Ima love you like I pose to)Ride…Verse.2Girl you been on my mind latelyThinking about you crazyTalking about you pregnantB**** yeen finna have a babyShe just want me to talk to herFor she can have a relationsI can’t even lie heartbreaksReally break youTalking bout you loveBut you really have to play meTrynna get over your problemSo these drug what I’m takingI told her i don’t love herThat the reason why she hateNo cap baby can you rideHookLate at nightFuck me in the morningAnd late at nightBae I wanna fuck againX6 Can we make love again

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