Among Us Remix "Killing Impostors"

Yung Money Mesc



Ive really fuckin had it with these fake motherfuckers
That try to say my stuff is slappin, then talk smack with their brothers
The shit is sad, but it is true that theres impostors among us
And so I keep a tiny crew so I ain't bothered by dummies
Play Among Us in reverse, so take the Kia and I roll up
To the place that has a snake, and when I see hims when I load up
He says "Menace, know you hate me but I didn't think youd pull up"
Wait hold up... (Slice)If I find a snake, Ill fuckin blast with my gun
Crack their neck or stab their back with my machette or tongue
This is murder, need a hearse, the beat and fakes they been slaughtered
Man this Among Us in reverse, cause I been killing impostors
And all the haters hear me rappin, they be laughin, think Im comical
My flames cannot be matched, you think I'm wack but thats impossible
Im honestly upset you even thought that you could end me
Cause Im obviously the best, this shit is not a fuckin friendly
Competition gettin crushed, and all these groupies gettin fucked
And mumble rappers fallin back, cause what they spat, it fuckin sucks
But man I gotta up my grind and take a shot at what is mine
It won't be long before my time, cause Im a brawn, Im on the climb
And now I'm gone

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