[YRM Bear] Drippin like the faucet is broke
Open your eyes lil bro
Thought you h*es woulda knew it by now
Cannot fix what can't be found
Icey veins yea i brought a 30 round
Can’t see me but i see clowns
All of you fake so please sit down
Gotta chase this bag yeah i gotta do now
20 years old but i bought myself
Made a new life yeah put it on the shelf
Eye of the tiger i hadda go pounce
Little bitty b*tch but her titties still bounce
Imma do me leave you down for the count
My dogs growl so watch your mouth
I drink liquor smoke by pounds
My bitch bad so hoe sit down
Turn this shit up turn it loud
Out the mud and out the pound
Fuck the neighbors from the south
All these baugettes in my mouth
Ran this bag up by myself
Weigh this dope up up on the scale
Bounce on the beat i made it from hell
Got real diamonds yours just melt
Love all the fans i’m loving the wealth
From VA i made it out
Grandmas attic made this sound
Eating good can't turn fown
Let me hold the mic ain’t gon pass it round
I’ve been living good fuck these bitches nowClick click let the beat go
Culture vulture what do he know
Culture culture thats the migos
Hol up hol up that’s a deep throat
Doing donuts in my speedboat
Love my girl but she evil
Couldn’t settle hadda eat more
Got free time time ain’t free no
Like rap snacks but i’m Fritos
Had one girl got 3 more
Roll a blunt yeah we need those
Wear a jersey miss a free throw
I’m designer without dior
Ain’t hype wit supreme on
God bless my peopleAy
Pour me a four in the phantom
I am the man you can’t stand this
Do a whole show in my sandals
You want respect in a rental
I spit it i mob it i tell them
F*ck 12 since i was 11
I’m dripping you dropping this cheddar
The way that i move its just better
You protest and riot together
Shoot at your homie no questions
You tripping i’m winning a blessing
The woman my favorite my best friends
Shoutout to Nawuf and my exes
You b*tches just chasing my flexings
Virginia it changed my perspective
Out the ghetto we made it special
I see it i count it in the benzo
Do you see what i mean it depends tho
Jump in your house through the windows
I’m destined i’m different i’m meant too
Keep me the drum and extendos
You couldn’t compare to my mental
If i rap was a sport id get medals
Too little and small to respect em
5 in the morning i’m still set up
They hate cause i’m doing better
YRM they finna remember
[Corey J]Grind hard for my people
I can't switch on the gang no
Bad b*tch gotta cake tho
She gon do what i say so
Don't f*ck with fakes no
All about my cake bro
Focused on a bankroll
Still in style yous a damn clone
Corey j get paper
Smoke weed not vapor
Young n*gga im flexing
Got your b*itch sexting
Stay focus i grind hard
Not about it yous a damn fraud
Stay up out the way
Stack my paper
Im not f*cking with you
OG in my blunt
Mind my business
Stack my damn paper
Stay up in my lane
Mind my business
I don't f*ck with haters

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