Skit 2 - ”The Betrayal lyrics

(on the phone) You fucking snake. You really thought you could stab me in the back like that and get away with it? [Redacted]
Look man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-[YourFavouriteShady]
Yo shut the fuck up man. You knew exactly what you were doing. You knew you couldn't touch me on the mic, so you went behind my back and tried to sabotage me[Redacted]
(interrupts) Don't even try to make excuses. You know damn well what you did. And you know what? It's not just about this one incident. You ghosted me over one stupid joke that wasn't even bad. You really think that's a reason to cut ties with someonе you called your friend for years?[Redacted]
I didn't mеan to hurt you, man. I just thought-[YourFavouriteShady]
(cuts in again) You thought? You thought? That's the problem. You never think about anyone but yourself. You never cared about our friendship. Semingly you only cared about what you could get out of it[Redacted]
Come on, man. We've been friends for years. Don't let this ruin-[YourFavouriteShady]
Friends don't betray each other over some petty bullshit. You couldn't even confront me like a man. No, you had to go run to your group of little bitches and talk shit behind my back. You even did the same to JMC, talk like a man and say it to his face![Redacted]
Come on man, don't do anything stupid[YourFavouriteShady]
Stupid? You wanna talk about stupid? You ghosting us over one stupid thing is a joke. And now you expect me to just forgive and forget? Fuck thatYou know what man? I have a track I'm gonna dedicate to you and the bullshit you pulled on me and JMC

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