Rampage Intro (Skit) lyrics

"Hey, what's up, Degenerate?" [Rap degenerate]
"Not much, man. I see you're working on some new tracks."[YourFavouriteShady]
"Yeah, I'm putting together an album full of disses. It's called Rampage."[Rap degenerate]
"Diss tracks? You sure about that, man? I mean, why not stick to rapping about anime and stuff?"
Because that anime shit is your job. I'm Shady, and I'm not afraid to go after anyone. You know that."[Rap degenerate]
"I know, I know. But do you really want to spend all your time dissing people? I mean, won't that get old after a while?"[YourFavouriteShady]
"Nah, man. There's always someone who deserves to be put in their place. I've been working on these disses for weeks, trying to perfect them. It's time to go after a few people with these bars. And besides, it's not like I can't have fun with it. You know I've got bars for days."[Rap degenerate]
"I guess you're right. It's just that sometimes I worry that we're taking this rap thing a little too seriouslyIs it really a good idea to have an entire album full of diss tracks? What about the people who just want to hear us rap about anime and stuff?[YourFavouriteShady]
There's nothing wrong with taking your craft seriously, man. And besides, sometimes you gotta be a little savage to get ahead in this gameAnd man, forget about those guys. They don't know what they want. They want us to stick to rapping about anime and emotional shit? Fuck them. That anime shit is your job. My job is to call out these fake cunts in the industry."[Rap degenerate]
I guess you're right, I'm with you. Let's do this." Alright, let's get to work on this Rampage album. I've got some anime bars to spit, and you've got some diss tracks to write[YourFavouriteShady]
That's the spirit. Time to get to work
Fuck these fake cunts. It's time to unleash a rampage of disses

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