Mook On The Beats
Ayy, I come from the north side, you heard me?
Ayy, whole lotta killin', whole lot of, you know, burglary
Yeah, I'm on this shitTurn up, I ran it up without a pass
And I told 'em, "Follow me, I know a way to get that bag"
I was runnin' through that north, I hit a lick without a mask
'Cause I'll bust a nigga ass, don't give a fuck if he throw a flag
Yeah, try to run up, blow a hole through your ass
I was stolo, ridin' foreign with my son in a jag
I was fuckin' on this shorty, pet her skin when I'm mad
I be on some other shit, my mind still in the past
I'm so boomin' that I'm slime, you can slatt, I'll wipe your ass

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