(Dubba-AA Flexin)
(David Tell Em’)
(This Is The Sound)
I'm thinking Cartier Shades with Chanel Pearls
And i got lossing in my brain my dawg going to wake the World
Shawty can't get the same treatment as my main girl
But i'm gon' turn up on a b*t*h like my Uncle Gerl [Verse]
"She say tired of stop saying Slime"
You do want me on yo' mind (Huh)
You wanna waste my time (Huh)
Hoe you just wanna dime (Huh)
Lil b*t*h you like to decline (Huh)
You look up to madonna
You like the way i shine (Huh)
Master P that nine (Uh)
I might just but now
Dont want you on my side now
Lil B*t*h you matter not lie now
I'm coming right on time now
You stank ima retire now
I'm ready for to slide now
You ready for to die now
I'm ready for to cry now[Verse 2]
She blowed let me use yo door
Come and lock the door
I got dough pocket full of rolls
From my head to toe
On a roll rocking out my shows
Need another pole with my bro's BBG my wowes
I pull throwing four's n***a
What's the 411 that ABC and Channel 9
What's the 114 put 50 shot's up top of Nine
I never did a still don't give a f**k who like me now
Ayy I say what the f**k i want so you can move around
Say that YoungBoy trippin you don't like the sh*t im spitting hoe
I can make a hit at anytime what's the message hoe
Huh n***a steady telling me bout the neady hoe
Huh eat that d**k up tell b*t*h that she ain't sexy hoe
Yea at that time when i don't care (Yeah)
You say you don't OK i'ma drop that
Hollon, b*t*h you said you don't care
OK tell me where the f**k yo mind at?
Where that slime at?
N***a where that bat at?
I be pulling up on some sh*t im screaming SLATT (Yeah)
N***a where yo Mammy, N***a where yo Daddy?
N***a where yo scrap at, N***a yo cash at?
Broke a** n***a talking
Lil n***a where yo b*t*h at?
N***a steady talking saying what b*t*h where you live at?
N***a steady cappin like he steppin where stick at?
Pull up in that motherf**king VROOM not a Bentley[Outro]
Wait i think i be mad at myself all day
I be moving around town tryna spend my money all day
I be thinking what the f**k the next move for to make
I be thinking what the f**k the next thing for to say
N***a what you say, B*t*h what you say?
N***a where you lay at
I dont wanna say at
N***a what you say (Yeah)
Ready for to spray (Yeah)
B*t*h where yo K at, N***a where yo K at

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