I just did molly w some bad bitches
Bad as hell they savages
They ain’t messin w no average niggas
All black whip in the night time
Fight crime while I write rhymes
Selina Kyle in the whip
You ain’t seen a chick like mine
We get old money
Coming through the pipeline
I’m in the zone
Pour another Four
I’m the Patron
Leave me alone my
Don’t call my phone
Spitting ice my flow so cold
Flow so cold
Coldest in the Postal Code
Shit is crazy man my flow on froze
Tryna get bust down gold
And so you must now know
I want that throne
Whoa In a Bеntley coupe
With my niggas
With my troops
Shooting up the roof
Wе don’t give a fuck
We just too Turnt
All these bitches bad
All these bitches bad
Popping on some Molly tabs
I just took a tab
Now I’m back in the lab
This a hell cat
Bitch this ain’t no taxi cab
I just got my swag
Now im in my fucking bag
Bitch I’m Off the zaza
Now I don’t know what to do
I just popped a E
Now a nigga feeling new
Bro just dropped me up this hit
I Slapped him with a verse
Told bro when they hear this
It’s gon put em in hearse
Yeah she swallow like a pill
Probably hide it in her skirt
Yeah she know what it is
Yeah she already undressed
Going toe to toe
With a hoe on her fours
Yeah She drag it like
It’s smoke yeah
She gon make me unload
Yeah I called her for the head
I ain’t want nothing more
One way flight to doonieland
Now I ain’t nothing to ignore
Brought the base
With the haste
On a different case
Make it truncate
I been on demon time
Rolling me Life of Crime
Your shawty is in love with me
She opened up I left her crying
They laugh

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