[Intro: Young Slo-Be]
Turn me up, though, nigga
You gonna feel me, nigga
Niggas gon' respect this shit, though
On 2, on 2-1, nigga
On 2, on 2-1, nigga
Nigga come around me, on 2-1, we got the block hot
You ain't never pop your, pop it, on my mama, you is not God If you 2-1, you better get on the 5
Fuck it and get on the fly
Ooh-wee, catch fifty shots if they mess with mine
Call it a headshot, but he still alive
Bitch, I ain't got the time
To argue with you 'bout your cousin, ho
Beat that nigga up
I can tell you one thing, lil' mama, I beat that pussy up
Have that pussy loose off these tricks, I wasn't tryna fuck
Run it in, Wisconsin, I know you 'bout your bucks
Ayy, ayy, bitch, her nigga everything
'Cause my nigga fightin' cases, they ain't sad a thing
Either way, you in the box, nigga, ain't nothin' changed
Lil' nigga, you tryna box, you ain't got a thing?[Chorus: Young Slo-Be & Drakeo the Ruler]
Shooting guard likе I'm Sprewell
Thesе ain't bullets, cuddy, these are K shells
Ayy, ayy, on the block with it, I don't need help
Ooh-wee, bitch, you know I'm to the neck, nigga
We lash niggas, soul-strip him tryna flex, nigga
Man down, last dude was the next nigga (We know the truth)
Ooh-wee, should've wore a helmet, fuck a vest, nigga
Ayy, I'm from SoutheastPump-faked him with the K, he thought he had a mouthpiece
Blam blam, man down, some shit I went to trial for
My opps be on Twitter 'cause they scared to come outside
Street sweep, meet meet, this Drakeo make the crowd run

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