Girl I Got You lyrics

[Lil Chuckee]
Nothin make a man feel better than his lady (cause girl I got you) [Hook: Lil Chuckee]
I know I'm always gone and I'm hardly never home
Don't worry about nothin (baby girl, I got you)
When I touch back down I'mma buy you everything
You ain't gotta want for nothin (cause girl, I got you)
Ha, don't worry what your friends say cause they be hatin anyway
They mad when I tell ya (baby girl, I got you)
Ha! It's just me and you against the world baby girl
I know you got my back (cause girl, I got you)[Lil Twist]
As I was walkin by I seen you standin there with a smile
Lookin shy, caught my eye, thought you wanna hang a while
I-15 on the beat and I ain't cruisin highways
So baby let's get away, save the troubles for another day
Ha! Jammin "Escapade" in the lot
With Escalade on the back, your homie's whack, I promise that
It ain't trickin if you got it might as well spend a stack
I hit the mall and ball down call me young Steven Jackson
And I'm the one and I won with no games played
Never have to work in our life, babe we got it made
Every day's a vaca', in Miami like Dade
And we ain't ever clean up baby cause I got maids
Ha! Young money we so paid
And if you ever get hurt, baby I'm ya Band-Aid
Ha! While I'm lookin at you
Never worry about nuthin cause girl, I got you[Hook][Lil Chuckee]
Shorty I'm here any time that you need me
F'sheezy, I'm here to make your life... easy
They say to every good dude there's a good lady
And I have mine already ain't no need to keep lookin
Ha! And when I'm on the road, you go to my house
And walk my bulldog, and help my moms out
And play with my sister, you know I love that
That's why whatever you want, I'mma cop that
I'm your Rashad, you my NewNew
I'm ya Will Smith, baby you my Jada Pooh
And when I'm in the studio you come chill wit me
Play around with my hair, you keep me motivated
If we had a team, I'd be Reggie Bush
You'd be Kim Kardashian, your body so amazin
And when I'm not wit'cha, I'm on my iPod
Bumpin "Forever My Lady," I love ya girl~![Hook] - 2X

Young Money – Girl I Got You

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