Young M.A Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #055

Young M.A



[Verse 1]
Lil' cutie yo with the booty yo
Middle finger to your pictures while she do a pose
Got the watch bust down, got a few of those
30 Glock for a hater, I got two of those
Pop shit, 30 Glock cocked going through your nose
Told my bitch 'Take that dress off 'cus you too exposed'
Took a lame nigga chick, don't mean to impose
Then I told him it ain't what you know, it's who you know
It's red life, got that red life bumpin' through the Bose
Told my jeweler I don't do it plain, gotta do it froze
24 karats, gotta do it gold
Yeah I know I'm hot but gotta do 'em cold
Had to switch up, Uber pick your bitch up
Funny how when I come around niggas bitch up, uh
Cruisin' through the city with the tints up, uh
Now I'm paid in full, had to Mitch up
I fed niggas then I had to dead niggas
I guess lookin' out mislead niggas
Now I gotta show 'em what they could've had
Mmm it's too bad now you're doing bad
3 chicks, 1 bed, now do the math
You could have my old hoes, I don't do the past
A hundred on the dash blowin' through the gas
And we gettin' money, spendin' money, blowin' through them bags
And everything spooky
When we pull up, skrrt skrrt, that's spooky
10 bottles, 10 blunts, it's a oovie
I just met her but she fuck me like she knew me
Mobbin' with my guys, I be mobbin' with the 5
Pull up on a nigga like click, clack, surprise
Last night I said I love her, today I said never mind
I apologize for them lies, are you fine?
But I find taking rappers shine all eyes when I arrive
Girl your body is a trophy, got my eyes on the prize
Keep the nina in the bed, let it see the sunrise
And I keep a knife just in case I gotta cut ties
Never really was a fan of havin' best friends
See I'm the type to get more money, less friends
Life is all about lessons and I learned the lesson
To never make less than the next man
If I get married Keys will probably be my best man
Them niggas ain't your niggas, them just yes men, uh
Violate my fam, that's a dead man
You see that red goin' wild, word to Redman
All I need in this life of sin
Is me and my damn self, never needed handouts
I would eat some ass out before I put a hand out
Real hustlers re-up before they ran out
Money isn't everything, yeah I thought that too
'Til I seen a hundred bands then I thought that through
I opened up them doors and let my brothers in
And the only time we fall is when the summer end
When I got them doors open I was runnin' in
Rushin' in, comin' for the fuckin' win, runnin' shit
Never sucker shit, but your chick in here suckin' shit
You got it bad for these hoes on some Usher shit
It's red life nigga on some bloodin' shit
And you know my niggas on some gutter shit
And I'm speakin' from the head and I'm spittin' from the head
And you know how we do it [Verse 2]
Came from the bottom bitch
Got my day 1 niggas and my bottom bitch
Six O's in the bing, two commas bitch
Got them chopsticks for a hater, Benihana bitch
Started cookin' up 'cus they was tryin' to bring my wave down
Hit 'em with the fake smile, workin', let the cake pile
All my niggas eatin' good, I just put the plates down
Damn why you flexin' on em girl? Put them weights down
Gave niggas time, now I'm back, gotta wait now
Duffle bag full of money, gotta shut the bank down
Love me a bad chick thick from the waist down
See that's the type of shit that make me want to put her face down, uh
Now come and get your face wet, uh
And she don't shop at payless
And she gotta be a 10, I don't date less
Down for the threesome with the same sex
'Cus I'm a freak, you don't eat? I don't speak
Gotta have your own candy, I don't trick, I don't treat
And I'm all about my chicken, I don't bick, I don't beef
My stack's too thick, it don't bend, it don't crease
Just copped a new watch, chillin' in the boondocks
Probably watchin' Boondocks, two thots, two Glocks
Mad 'cus I'm on my feet now like a tube sock
But I'm still in the hood, catch me on a few blocks
In the club at a few spots, yeah the cool spots
Still get the cootie cat wet like a juice box
Nothin' changed, still puttin' money in the shoebox
Funny how time fly by like a food spot, uh

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