[Intro: YN Jay]
(Enrgy made this one)
Yeah, that's how I'm feeling now
Ayy, ah, alright [Verse 1: YN Jay]
I charge up in this bitch like I'm Krillin now
I hit every gift store, they say I'm stealin' now
I ain't dropped a song in two weeks, they think I'm chillin' now
Thirty-three, I'm ridin' 'round with Scottie, think I'm pimpin' now
Hate when I drink lean too fast, I'ma sip it now
Could've spent all my rap money, I'ma flip it now
Damn, I used to dream about this life, I live it now
Treat him like a page in a book, I'ma rip it out
If I shoot his for the game-winner, I can't miss it now
Yeah, this lifestyle I gotta live, I ain't pick it out
If a nigga pull up on my block, I'ma dish it out
Damn, oh, oh, you talkin' 'bout like an assist? Okay
Freak bitch give me good head, but it was all neck
Pin a college bitch on a locker, havin' hall sex, damn[Verse 2: Louie Ray]
When you fuck without a condom, is it called sex?
I'm gettin' lowdown and dirty, call it dog sex
She say, "Baby, don't you hurt me," havin' hard sex
Half of my ass out the door, havin' car sex
You gotta suck my dick a little just to start sex
Tryna fuck her for a world record, this is chart sex
[Interlude: Rio Da Yung OG]
Yeah, alright, alright[Verse 3: Rio Da Yung OG]
Fucked my stripper bitch at the playground, we havin' park sex
I'm only fuckin' her at 3 a.m., we had dark sex
She just let me hit it on the porch, we in the car next
Make her fall in love, I'm hittin' her organs, havin' heart sex
Me and baby off a yellow Xanny havin' bar sex
Tryna fuck in a two-seater, this a Corvette
I don't think she told me I could fuck, we had forced sex
I just hit a bitch off Section 8, we had poor sex
Just hit a bitch in Joe's studio, we had 4 sex
You get it, like 4sho magazine?
Alright[Verse 4: YN Jay]
Thunder, boom
I just hit her on a stormy night, it was fog sex
Makin' bitches squirt on FaceTime, it was call sex
Hit her from the back, she tried to run, it was jog sex
Hit a midget bitch like five foot, havin' small sex
Hit her in October, by the tree havin' fall sex[Verse 5: Louie Ray]
I'm in Cali in the hills lookin' 'round, I just saw SEX
I, I'm a very good teacher, could've taught sex
My nose runnin', think I caught sex
I ain't never tricked in my life, but I bought sex
Okay, if her pussy wet, then I'm Offset
You know, Offset fuck with Cardi B and she got the wet-ass pussy song
Alright, never mind
[Verse 6: Rio Da Yung OG]
Bro, let me see a towel, I think, hah, yeah
Bitch, go get a towel, my balls wet
I don't never call a bitch, I just call sex
Okay, you got to fuck her first, I'ma call next
I ain't smoke no weed or drink no lean today, I'm high off sex
Ass-naked, off six Percs, that's the best sex
I hate when I get a bitch pregnant, make me regret sex
I'm finna fuck a white bitch, that's my next sex
I'm in the pool gettin' it in, havin' wet sex
I don't text hoes, "What you doin'?" I have sex texts
Alright, let me fuck your titties, that's chest sex
You gotta let me fuck you right now, just met sex
Fuck her with the radio loud, we havin' deaf sex
This bitch'll really fuck me in my casket, that's death sex
Silk robe on, no drawers, old-school sex
Fuck the bitch while I make a song, Pro Tools sex
Hit the bitch and I ain't say nothin', I'm havin' rude—[Outro: Rio Da Yung OG & YN Jay]
Hit the bitch when I ain't say nothin', we havin' rude sex
Like I didn't speak
Shit, is it called sex?
Come on, alright, I just bust a ho down, who gon' call next?
I know somebody eatin' when I'm leavin'
I know what it is
Oh my God
Damn, we, damn, she had the best pussy out, my drawers wet
(Nasty dirty dog, ready to call the vet)

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