She Wish She Was lyrics

Chorus: YG
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga

Verse 1: YG
Baby, look in the mirror
You got your hair and your nails done
You fucking who you want, not thinking you was wrong
Bitch, you wish you was a nigga
Damn, you should be ashamed (Ashamed)
Acting like them pussy lips can't hang (Can't hang)
You've been going against the grain (Against the grain)
Your body is a temple, you going against the saint (You going against the saint)
Acting like you was innocent (What?)
But as soon as you get mad at your nigga, you be with the shits (What?)
He just left the house and you calling quick
Who she calling? Some different dick
Uh, and you know that ain't ladylike
Word around the town her pussy whack, but head game nice (Uh)
If that pussy ain't tight, you ain't living right
I'm trying to give her some advice on life, but

Chorus: YG & Joe Moses
She wish she was a nigga (Oh)
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga (JM, soowoo)
She wish she was a nigga

Verse 2: Joe Moses
Hoes be acting like Bruce, but they wanna be Cait (What?)
And I heard she fucked Drizzy, didn't even get paid, damn (Damn)
Lowkey hoeing for a shoutout (For a shoutout)
She scheming on Wayne before he got out (Groupie)
You dropped out of school to be a stripper? (Be a stripper?)
This lil' bitch be acting like a nigga (What?)
Last nigga said he was straight
Said every time he pulled up, she be pouring a eight
Every time he wanna chill, you got some friends over (You got some friends over)
To every nigga who wanna fuck, you just bend over (JM)
Instagram selling clothes like a swap meet (What?)
Can't go to no local malls, you on the hot seat (Damn)
Downtown going ham with your tax check (With your tax check)
You off every single drug, you a crackhead (Bitch)
Mama told you to value your coochie (Value your coochie)
But you traded that head for a hooptie, bitch (Ha-ha)

Chorus: YG & Jay 305
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga (Nasty-ass hoes, man, let me tell you about this bitch, uh)
She wish she was a nigga

Verse 3: Jay 305
Why you always single? (Why?) Why you think you so cute? (You ain't cute)
Why girls be called hoes when they fuck a lot of dudes? (Man)
Well, shit, the answer is this (It's this)
Y'all bleed once a month, and all we got is a dick (Hahahahaha)
Your emoji is the flip, you know you a whole bitch (Uh)
Drinking on some lemonade, thinking she Beyonce, damn (Watermelon)
Cheating on her fiancé, damn (Crazy)
She getting with it off the powder and the Bombay (Turnt)
Uh, always talking she ain't a ho, she a ho (She a ho)
Dropping her kids at granny house, she a ho (Uh)
On Snapchat, dog face, she a ho (Ha)
L.A. niggas ain't saving no ho
The homegirl, the local hoodrat know all the niggas (What's happening?)
Be bicken' back with the Bloods, but she be Crippin' (Huh?)
Got drunk one night, trying to fight, this bitch be trippin' (What's happening?)
If you was a nigga, you'd be a bitch nigga

Chorus: YG, Jay 305, & Joe Moses
She wish she was a nigga (Bitch, haha, what you gotta say now you know 'bout these hoes, man?)
She wish she was a nigga (Boop ass bitches, man, stripping only at Maestro's ass bitches)
She wish she was a nigga (I don't know, man, taking pictures in front of Maestro's, bitch, man, that shit played out, ho)
She wish she was a nigga (Man, these hoes, man, I don't know, man, they lost, man)
She wish she was a nigga (They need God man, they need God and Jesus, need to be baptized, man, I don't know)

Outro: Jay 305 & Joe Moses
Man, they just need a nigga like me, man, I ain't gon' play, Jay 305, play the pimp with these bitches, man, put these bitches on the trinnack or something, man
Ayy, you know what man? I digs that, my nigga, I digs that
Ayy, man, you know what I mean? You know what I mean? What you say over there, my nigga?
You know what I mean? It's South Central baby
You know what I'm saying? World famous
Jay 305, man, he stand out, you know what I'm saying?

YG – She Wish She Was

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