Point four, my nigga, point four, point four
Yep, come on hit, hit, hit There it go, ah, fuck
Soon as I thought I was having a good time
This nigga think he slick
(YG, what's brackin' jizzle?)
See, everybody try to hit me with the homie convo'
(Look, nigga I been tryna get yo' number from the homies for the longest but niggas tryna act like you the President and shit)
Then the homie convo'
(Tryna tell niggas, man, YG a real nigga)
Turn into the money convo'
(Fuck it, me, I ain't gon' beat around the bush, my nigga
Let a nigga borrow a couple hundred dollars, my nigga
You the homie, I know you got it)
Nigga, what?

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