[Verse 1: Yesify]
Yeah, I get lethal when I’m holdin’ a pencil
Life’s pretty good, on South Central
Always tell the truth, no fable
They was sleepin’ on me ‘till I owned a record label
Hold up, wait a minute
Yeah, it’s gettin’ very tricky
Wannabe Em’? Nah, I’m more like Lil Dicky
Woah Vicky gettin’ sticky with the blicky
And I’m on fire, call me Ricky
Took a year to drop songs ‘cause I’m very, very picky
I will never be the guy who is screamin’ “Pick me!”
Damage my career like Britney Spears
I ain’t wastin’ all my time with some tears
I’ve been facin’ all my fears
I’m a hop up in the truck and shift the gears
Like Tom Brady ‘cause I’m gettin’ all the cheers
I think I got Corona ‘cause I’m chuggin’ all these beers
Yeah, the cops comin’
Motherfucker, better steer, run it [Verse 2: Young Vicious]
When I’m called off, squeezin’ the trigger
Grab the bodies and throw ‘em in the river
Straight outta hell, wanna get ill
So I went to a place where my homeboys chill
Jealousy is a motherfucker, when you’re the man with the plan
I don’t give a damn
Tell your girl to kneel down, suck my dick
Full clip, locked and loaded[Verse 3: Yesify & Young Vicious]
Trans, built like He-Man
Y’all the wrong semen
I’ve been played, used and betrayed
Say I’m Shady, ‘cause I’m not afraid
Yeah, I’m sorry that I’m hard to love, afraid of change
Call me homeward bound ‘cause we strays
Fuck a friendship, all my friends dip[Hook: Yesify and Young Vicious]
Bitch, I run it then I gun it
Bitch, I run it then I gun it
Bitch, I run it then I gun it
Bitch, I run it

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