Dope lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m so dope, like the shit that he smoke through a pipe
I don’t wanna hear some shit he didn’t write
Locked and loaded, just like my snipe
Call me a pussy, they say that I’m tight
Rollin’ my blunt, ridin’ my bike, that’s what I like
Rappin’ ain’t easy, so don’t even try
Only asleep when a motherfucker die, aye
I’ve been kickin’ ass since the first grade
I was battle rappin’ on my first day
Rappin’ so trash, had to pick it up on Earth Day
I ain’t get wish on my mo’fuckin’ birthday
Always start fights on my worst day
Let’s make a deal, maybe a bet
Had to put ‘em down, like we in a vet
If we are not friends, see you as a threat
Stop bein’ greedy, you get what you get [Verse 2]
Y’all finna make me M.A.D
Go back on the floor like a DVD
On the loadin’ screens
Some people make points, some people make memes
I promise it’s not what it seems
Reality sucks so I’m stayin’ asleep
Just to live my dreams
Lowkey, I’m feelin’, under the weather
Hoppin’ on a cypher just to prove that I’m better
I ain’t rattin’ out my homies
‘Cause I gotta get the cheddar
Rhymes more tight than some leather—pants
Pistol whip the foot, I make him dance
It’s my big day like I’m Chance
Ain’t no money man, but I’m coutnin’ up my digits
Mic and funny bone, ah
Just retarded midgets
Breakin’ up the science, bitch, I’m rappin’ up the physics
Murder in the front
In the back, just doin’ business[Hook]
I’m so dope, I’m so dope, I’m so dope, aye
I’m so dope, I’m so dope, I’m so dope, aye
Bitch, I aim through the scope
Bitch, I aim through the scope

Yesify – Dope

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