Darkness lyrics

[Verse 1: Yesify]
Feels good to be back, now
I just heard a beat, no defeat, finna act out
I’ve been in the shadows like a blackout
Beatin’ down—but I never back down
Finna start a riot
Yeah, I love a good fight
And I’m lowkey insecure
I hate every song I write
But I’ll try it
Been off and finna make it less quiet
Big ego, no lie
I’ll bleach my hair before I die
Leave ‘em shocked
Make ‘em faint, make ‘em faint
I ain’t rappin’ ‘bout somethin’ that I ain’t, that I ain’t
Never been religious
No, I’m not a saint
Thesе are battle scars, and this is war paint [Hook]
Darkness claims

Yesify – Darkness

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