Lyrics from Snippet We some rockstars in it, we ain't walked in
And this Drac' I got is real, I just made a deal
You see my twizzy rich [?]
I just heard he got a deal, I make money still
Yeah, what you say, why you talkin' bout big racks?
Bitch, I live 'bout what I talk 'bout
This bitch pulled up on me, and she wildin' with her top out
It ain't shit for one of my twizzy to bring the mop out (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I just hit LV, with a twenty, I got zero now
I just took a bin, this perc had twenty, I can't feel now
I get numb, cause I'm dumb, hey
All my brothers rich, still all we got is hundons
I can't even sign for less than a mil', 'cause I want one, yeah
I just bought a building, 'cause I want one (Yeah)
Told that bitch to buy a bigger booty if she really want one
I don't got the perks, it's got me moody, bitch I want one

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