Howdy neighbor, welcome to my fantasy land
We've got Darth vader, Jekyll, and Ms. Samus Aran
Me? I'm a dirty white boy, I ain't no vanity man
But what you perceive in here is undamnedly grand
Its been a minute since we did this, I needed to jam
Sending sound waves out til they're leaving the land
Soaring through the air, pouring in your ear
Told you it was near, now 42 is here
You probably would've never known what was inside
Until you peeled back the cellophane and casing to find
The who, what, when, where, and the how is the y-
-Dna, do you think I made it majorly fly? Cause if I
Didn't then I got to get a little out of my system
I've been afflicted with this rhyming condition
Since I can remember, so consider this a fender bender
Haven't even kicked it up to where I can dismember them, but
It's all ok though, not like you've swallowed drain-o
That's if you diss and hiss, but love just fizzes like a faygo
So put it on the table, if you're able, we'll see
Who can sustain more of the pain, and if you say no, you're a lame-o
I'm putting it plain and simple, setting the brain to spit mode
Going insane when sent, though ain't gonna name the pricks, who's
Giving the strain to yd, no I'm the caine to sniff, so if you came to sit with me
Stay, we'll kick it, and don't forget For promotional offers and additional items only available through this limited time special edition deluxe never before seen premium package bundle:
Be sure you see the details on the back of the boxFlip that shit over, check it, there isn't any cost
If I'm on your block and rocking it's more than cause for a pause
Or applause, encores, floors of discarded bras
After au revoirs it's back to the pad for some R&R
Swimming til the lights dimming to the rhyming I'm kicking
I'm in it, imminent I might win a fight wherein I'm spitting, I get it
I'm odd to the end and awesome when offered a causage to go all of in
So posh as I squash your moshing pit
Bet you a buck that I cut the oxygen
You can't breathe, guess you can't flow
While you're on your knees, I'll step to the show
And you can make it pop, but I'll shake it til it rocks, is a bop, tip top, you already know
(Be sure you see the details on the..)
Been on grind, since '09 with Mr. Rogers on the dials
Might be why this mighty giant grew another 90 miles
I'll wild out before I let em catch me mild, idling
Am I leviathan, and if so where do I fit in?
All that I can find is vile kinds that's trying buying in
Those, I leave em on the stretcher like a texter driving high again
They call me sire, post-slinging prose and bringing fire in
I've got a bandwagon, man, and you can pile in
And we can ride in style for a while, for the shite of it
Should've done your research, bet the knees hurt
Dragging on the gravel since I let you meet cleaver
He's a meat cleaver, nomenclature seems to suit
And I don't refer to rest when I say you'll get a break soonHurry, this offer's running out soon! Act now while supplies last and claim your eternal torture and suffering
Alright, now you're just wasting my time. Get the **** out of here

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