Gotta do it (Big) Time
(Big) Sound, (Big) Life and live that loud
Having (Big) Dreams, making (Big) Plans
And (Big) Waves, so wave your hands
We're doing it (Big) (Doing it, doing it)
Any way we can with intention of ten out of ten
Til it's win after win. No end to the quest for the best rhymes
Write another next line
Til the sun rise up, like "fucks a bed time?"
Deadlines, making it impossible to get my, head right, said I
Never cause we're better than the rest, typе
To never rest еyes, just bust, text wrecks, reflex to run it like
I'm holding the golden ticket and growing emboldened with it
Overloaded confidential confidences fencing
With an inconsequential existence
Sisyphus condolences but rolling with it
Back then, thought now I'd be gripping richness at 10
Was an impish infant, content to sit back lax
Never act or imprint, now horizon wide
It looks like a blimp rising since I've been
(Doing it) (Big)
And keep it fly as a MIG (is)
Your mathematics adding but we're moving up to trig
Log in and stick em up like I'm splintering twigs (then)
Tumbling from a swine spine (flipping off pigs)
Been fitting sprigs in zags during zigs
To get a drag and a grip on line to the gig
Like a fisher, man, broken record tokin', talking
Puff puff pass pow, right in the kisser (Bam)
It's awesome in every way, blatant in face-to-face applications
Double check if adjacent, watch that match the day-to-day statements
In lexicon rune post-period placement
And opportunities faced in routine traipsing
It's proof you'll gain grade-A appraisal if
During strokes of abraisiveness, you hone in and ace it in capitalization (job tips!)
And if and when your inner loner's feeling lower than the bottom of the soggiest bog pits
The soul search starts when you're bringing all your dogs in
All then falls in font within the broad width
Of the jaws hemming off this
Augmented ball pit, wallpapered in all sides with 'donde esta raw shit'
Written like a mantra, scrawled in overtop visages of Guy Fawkes images
From where carpet meets wall to the indented center of the light sockets
Aye caramba, think that I could bum a
Couple solaces, I put em' all in this
And the sprawls' on point like a bramble stem
After the lute like a mandolin
Standing in spotlights, y'all naysayers stay sitting splayed at all times, lit candle dim
We're just a little more than human (Gargantuan)

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