(I don't wanna be here right now) Ay, take two, and call back when you make a breakthrough
Be it Mays boon, or a day in late June
When the air runs thinner than the peak of K2
Whether what they say is the blade of a truth
Or a blatant case of fake news, don't skew, do you, til the place goes "woo"
If not, renew, pursue, outdo, review and be true, pull through, home brew
Til the debut glues, and the crew holds green like a fеscue's hue
Best you do invеst that stress from the mess you've strewn
In a tune to nest at a kestrels view
Lest you lose, coalesce aggression to pretzel grooves
And next provide that festering pest in your chest called pride
A bed to reside by the backdoor steps to the left outside, to be left outside
Then set it on vibrate, or best at snooze
Gather up your better men for casual enbetterment
And revel in the rabble that get relevant and settle in
Quit giving a shit what it is that they're peddling
Heat your own kettle til it's whistlings' kin to a missile in their sediment
We're definitely desolate for eloquence and prevalent for petulance
It's got me feeling hesitant(I dont wanna be here right now)But I'm here anyway, if you're hearing it play
Then we're clear of delays, plus prepped and accepting the jeers and the praise
But thanks either way

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