King’s Dead x SAB lyrics

Intro: XXXTentacion
Yah, murder gang, uh
Run and make a nigga lose his vertebrae, uh
Southside nigga, murder everything, uh
Shots fire, make a nigga run, man (Fire, fire)
I sent your grandma a dick pic, uh
Got that bitch all on my dick tip, uh
I am so strange like a misfit, uh
Kick that bitch out, she indifferent, uh
Feel a nigga mind, see a nigga grind
Fuckin' gold mine of a mind
Full kai, Super Saiyan on these niggas
Fightin' birds in the damn sky 'cause I'm damn fly
Ayy, ayy Dontai, Huh? iS tHaT yOuR mAaAaAaAm
Sike, ayy

Verse 1: XXXTentacion
Grind on my dick like a Ripstik, uh
My body count is like 60, uh
Your bitch on me, she need CPR
I fucked that bitch right on DVR
I slapped that meat on her cheeky, yes
I sucked her toes, yes I'm freaky, yes
Caught a grand thеft just like GTA
If he talk shit, watch me bеat him, ayy
Hop on that beat and I beat the A
Work-work-work, shout out to RiRi, ayy
Keep a blade on me like Sasuke, uh
Shout out my nigga ImDontai, uh
Build to the pussy like Fortnite, uh
My dick is stuck in your whore like OWWWWWW

Verse 2: ImDontai
R.I.P. my nigga, rest
SAB jacket, they laughin' at fashion as often
They lackin' as I am evolvin', I'm drippy and saucy, I turn my back on a bitch
Just like a car seat for infants, huh
Expandin' all of my digits, huh
Yo' money look like a midget, huh
My shit as long as a bridge is, huh
Wait, outlandish, huh
Hotter than where you be tannin', an unfair advantage
You ain't near my level at all
Three-stock, you easy, my dog, huh, wait, look
More like a student, I'm teaching you stupid-ass niggas who do this that y'all are some booty
I'm through this, I'm moody
I direct the beat like a movie
Quentin Tarantino, sharper than a needle, vinyl, huh
Watch out, I pop up behind you, huh
I ain't really one to try, dude, huh
Murderin' shit is a cycle, yeah

X's Dumbass
DoNtAi HaS a MoM?!?!?!?!?!?!


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