Flock lyrics

Pussy popper
Young Waka Flocka
We shakin' like maracas
Don't forget Sinatra
My bitch is like Rihanna
Betty yet Beyoncé
Had to take her top off, gun shots'a pop off
Mi nuh fuck 'round with dem bwoy dem, dem
Bwoy dem get chop off
Tell di bwoy fi gwaan fi him
Gyal and suck him bloodclaat
Dick stains let my dick hang like a nunchuk
Anyway, I can't bitch, I'm just tryna get my nut sucked
Hah, so fuck luck
Bitch, it's pure skill when I gun bust
Glocks like .50 on my niggas, acupuncture
Fuck like, it’s a shit night
Get your mind right, only way a nigga coolin' if I get high, right?
High up in the sky, right?
Motherfucka' cloud all my niggas in the ground right now
And I bash like Zao, like Pow
Mind within the comic, I'm so high right now
So pass that
Skinny motherfucker, won’t you tell me where the cash at?
I’m about to end a nigga life so where the stash at?
Got about 20 fuckin' mil', just chilling in my backpack
Call a fat bitch then I hit it in her ass crack

Outro: Tyler, The Creator
Listen, listen, listen

XXXTENTACION, Billy Hawkins – Flock

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