Sonny Digital
Sonny rollin' grams of wax, yeah [Verse 1: KYLE]
Super Kyle flew into the scene
Vowing to vanquish all deadbeat daddies
And niggas with too many chains, okay
Don't got no gold but my record is platinum
So picture perfect I don't need a caption
I don't give a fuck 'bout how long you been rappin'
Got flow so old I could spit 'em in Latin
My nigga, what's happenin'?
The only thing you blowin' up is a mattress
I'm in the studio making a classic
Shouldn't you niggas be playing in traffic or buying Supreme?
Doing your thing? You know? Saving up money for lean?
Y'all put this game on easy as hell
I play this shit on incredibly hard
K.I.D., K.I.D, fire-spitting kid nigga, you know me
De-de-destroy everything I do, attack, kill everything I see
Super duper, doggy dooder
Shout out to Jesus, that's my shooter
Bad bitches in my kitchen cooking food like I live at Hooters
Off of Red Bull and a coffee
FedEx office niggas just copies, huh?
Niggas watch too much boxing
Don't get NyQuil'd tryna be Rocky, nah
Believe me nigga, sleep every single day
With a bow bow boom bink, carry him away
16, butane, who a nigga flamed?
Any MC, RIP, niggas getting slayed
Super duper saber-toothed dooder, bite yo' ass in half
Packin' thunder, doin' Matrix numbers like it's basic math
Hey, flow is like a double play, none of you niggas is safe
Making these hits, every time I step to the plate
I biggity biggity bang, boom, bow
Niggas can't fuck with me now, doin' shit they don't know how
Doin' it better, makin' yo' girl get wetter
I think I'ma start sellin' towels
It's amazing, speech impediment and they still feel what I'm sayin'
Can't explain it, I just hop on stage and everyone gets rabies
Yeah, find you a bed, lil' nigga fall back
That ain't this, bruh, this ain't that
My white friends are so damn cool
They all look like they half-black
Get this record recommended skipping on the Benjis
Been everywhere except last
Shit, gotta pick up a plaque, see you later, gotta blast
[Verse 2: A Boogie wit da Hoodie]
Lifestyle on the road, sheesh
Used to always want a Rollie
Now I want a new two-tone gold Patek
Damn, but we couldn't go to Philippe's
I had to be on that corner until it was morning
So me and my niggas could eat
I be the one with the sauce, I never thought it was sweet
I got my foot in the door, they never gave me the key
I had to turn to a ki
Even when I was boy, I was the man in the streets
I was the man with the heat, I was a beast, sheesh
He had her heart, but she tried to give it to me
Damn, but she can't keep no fuckin' promises
Shit, I'm comin' with a lot of money
Money comes with a lot of shit
Told Mo, "Bring the studio to everywhere we go"
And that's a lot of hits
Slo-mo in my videos when the lights out and all my diamonds hit
Somethin' 'bout blue faces, I like money conversations
Whole lot of 20's, that's basic, nigga fuck it, I'm shameless
Can't fuck with a snitch nigga, if you get caught don't say shit
Have you ever met another nigga like me?
I bet you won't say shit, I went from rags to riches
I bagged the bitches that gave me the straight face
I hit the baddest bitches
It's sad, but I had to curve 'em the same day
I treated them bad, I wouldn't be mad
If I was to get treated the same way
So treat me the same way
[Verse 3: Aminé]
Shout out Sonny Digital
Vultures at the altar, tell the pastor to watch his back
My girl said she wanted change and then she got a quarterback
Well, damn, I ain't no football player
But I hit it harder than a football player
The girl of my dreams just became a girl
Well, we can talk about that later
Honeymoon to yo' hometown; bitch, you broke now
Your mama ask about me almost every week
We can speak in tongues, talking 'bout forever hold your peace
I said "Peace, please hurry up and kiss so I can eat"
Tootsie Roll on yo' tippy toe
So much soul that my soul got soul
Your auntie and uncle, they love me
All your bridesmaids wanna fuck me
The groom look like a broom, and it make me ha ha ha
Girl, I could have been yo' Pap and you be my Remy Ma[Outro: Aminé & ]
God damn!

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