3, 2, 3, (Okay) 2, (Okay) [?]
Last game
It was... It was...
It was me...
Oh, oh, [?] [Verse 1: xQcOW & m0xxy]
It was me and Moxy (yeah yeah)
We dropped down they weren’t ready
Our aim was muthafuckin' steady (yuh steady)
We roll up on that bitch went skrt skrt (Skrt skrt)
Four kills first place
Yeah... uh.. fuck...[Verse 2: xQcOW & m0xxy]
Aye yo, yo, yo, yo
I’m rolling down the city, On the heat
Yo, yo-yo
He shot him on the feet (Yeah)
I shot him on the feet
I'm flipping the script
I'm taking his bitch
I'm taking the money
And I then I go run and dip
And then I running [?]

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