100 Rounds ! lyrics

(reesoo) (akira i miss you) My gun hold 100 round
Gun that boy down, don't make no sound
Bad lil' b*tch and she make me proud
I'm so high i'm on top of the clouds
Talk on the gang, he gone' leave with a frown
I don't want that girl, she getting around
I'm making that money, a good amount
He say that he rich, that boy is a clown
I'm inna' A with jeyy
We leave that boy dead, we let him decay
We walk inna' party we grippin' that K
I'm f*cking this b*tch & she screaming my name
I kick the b*tch out and i go bout' my day (uh huhh)
(ohh) (Mm uhh) (my gun hold 100 round)
(turn his smile upside down)

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