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{What? Did you really make this?} You say you love me baby
You just say too much,that's daily
But u gotta show me more than just sayin it [ain't it]
Just had too let u know i ain't playin' wicha heart
[If you not another one] of them
Na na na 년 [then we might have] sumn here but first i gotta see
[I ain't gon lie baby u wanna love me, right?]
Bae u want me, u fall in love
Know u love me, u want it more
다 시간 낭비 헛소리 지Oh i know i know i know u
I know i know i know u
Shining i know i know
[i never fuckin tho ]
Ma bitches got that dough
[i never fuck u twice]
I know u never love me
Ma drippin icy
I know i know i know
U never never know
I got that mula tho
[i never fuckin tho]
I fuckin stayed alone
I ride or ride or die
I know u never love me
Ma drippin icy
Oh i know i know i know u
I know i know i know
Yeh x3
Girl u know i care about ur feeling But got my mind on the milli i make it look ABC (ez)
But wat i do takes what it takes (takes)
So fuck wat’ ur friends gotta say (nah nah)
Today was just way too long (too long)
Ain't tryna fight dont go there-lemme just lay my head
대체 다 이해된 걸 왜 설명해 시간이 없는데 나중은 나중 문제
돈이면 절반은 해결되 (tru)
아직은 반의반에 반도 안 했으니 둘셋넷 다섯 배 난 다 원해 for another day
Gotta keep my head above the water 둘러봐 그리고 play ur role
난다 봐 말 필요 없어
의리만 지켜
나는 많은 거 안 바라잖아 그냥 take ur clothes off lemme make u feel alright
Damn how u make this darkness seem so bright
Xion X Okasian – Know

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