It's morphin' time Yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, uh[Verse]
Levels on levels on levels
Devils on devils on devils
Want medals on medals on medals
They gave me a inch and I battled the Devil
My foot to the metal
Hand on my neck and I told 'em I'm better
I buried myself when they handed the shovel
Was lost on my mind, but my mind feelin' better
See, my friend in a suit, and now mine gettin' [?]
Yeah, battle on, battle on Babylon
Runnin' this race like I'm runnin' a marathon
Gassin' me up like we pumpin' at Marathon
No one was there when it's Xay and [?]
Ayy, they ain't see the best, no one knows me, uh
I was gettin' the least when they owed me
But they want the [?] for my homie, yeah
While the blow was drippin' on me, yeah
Yeah, uh, wrote a letter to my past and my present
And my present lookin' better 'cause my future in my reference
And I see people comin' and they holdin' every weapon
If life is a test, Lord, tell me what You testin' (Yeah)
'Cause I done fell so many times, but You kept me
And I done told so many lies, but You blessed me
And I left You, You never say you left me
When I tried to end my life, but You ain't left me
Woah, this what we sayin' right now, yeah
This [?], yeah
This what my life's been about, uh
When I stops doubtin' my doubts, yeah (Uh)
I was poppin' Xans, tryna run away, uh
I was smokin' trees, tryna get a fade
I was runnin' from myself, tryna run away
Put a knife to my neck, tryna hide the pain
Yeah, ayy, they put my granny in the grave and I wasn't there
But I was rappin' on a stage, wish I wasn't there
I was feelin' all the pain, it was in the air
But I rap 'cause I know He was in the air
Yeah, ayy, [?] girl [?]
But she still took me back and she really cared
Can't replace what was placed, she was really there
That's why I still came back, she was still there
Ayy, uh, yeah
I guess I ball back in my court, uh
I cannot wait anymore, yeah
I will not run anymore, yeah
Yeah, this what You called me to be
A leader [?]
A leader won't ever retreat
I guess it's my time, time to go morph on the beat, yeah
I'm about to morph on everybody
On everybody
And I ain't sayin' "Sorry" to anybody
Oh, anybody
God told me to go through
And that's what I'm 'bout to go do
Yeah, young leader in the red suit
But my mind's gon' 'cause [?] just [?] You[Outro]
Yeah, oh, yeah
Ayy, ayy, I said "[?] just [?] You"
Yeah, ayy, yeah
Ayy-yeah, woah
Uh, I'm about to morph on everybody
Ayy, yeah, and I ain't sayin' "Sorry" to anybody
Uh, yeah, I'm about to morph!

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