Mmm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm(Verse)Mmmmmmm
Gave it all of it
Once you blow up you got to stay atomic
Stay in pockets
Way we grew up and we had different problems, different knowledge
Never went to school, and never had a college
Kept it poppin(Oh)Fuck with me and you gon feel it knocking
All my bros was making money before the commas
Fuck the comments (Oh)
Talking bout the past then change the topic
I don’t got time for your ass I’m in the tropics
Yes sir
My bag is filled with pressure
She want my style I can drеss her
Make her flеx
Yea I’ll put you back in line if you disrespect
Let’s get back inside, talk about what’s nextAy but hold up
Im in the mosh pit
Lemme turn up
Like I said before
Light the blunt up
Only move at night
Fuck the sun up
It was a cold summer
No drugs
What a bummerYea I’m the man, but I’m addicted
To the devil not these prescriptions
They looking for me I match descriptions
Black jeans, black hoodie, bitch I’m temptedYou can’t see me, all my windows tinted
Fuck with me, I’m more than just an image
I keep going cause the fam I fend with
I’m so sorry to all the people I offendedFuck with me baby fuck with me (oh ayyy)
Dollars and they bussin out the jeans (oh word)
Blood dripping from my teeth
Blood stained sheets
I’m a vampire can’t you see
Come and meet me under the moon
Your love leads me to my doom
To my tomb
Solar eclipse it changed my mood
Changed my mood

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