Verse 1:
All I ever wanted was love from my family
Only to turn around and have them neglect me out of jealousy
I never understood, why they treated me so differently
Until one day I sat down and my momma told me everything
I treated you respectfully
You tell me you have hate for me
I try to work exceptionally
You never had words to say to me
I was made so imperfectly
If I was dead, would you remember me? Verse 2
I’m a nobody
But that’s OK
I wasted too much time and energy
Trying to hide behind my pain
I hide behind this rapper
To hide the fact that I’m self-conscious
Tell my mom I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise
I hope you understand that I lost myself in the process
Of trying to pack my anger in all theses boxes
Tell my mom I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep my promiseVerse 3
What if I told you I was trapped in my mind? Would you look at me different or look at me and smile?
What if I told you that I was struggling to keep my focus? Would you let me go backwards or leave me with my emotions?
Sometimes I find it hard to express why I feel this pain
But sometimes my mind thinks it’s a game
I hate to admit this. But I haven’t been myself lately
And I can barely catch a breath lately

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