[You don't know what we did to you]
[[?] bout to shoot ya]
[REASON] [Verse 1: 83HADES]
H-He started talkin shit
I get to aimin shit
When I pull up I'm with heist and I'm dangerous
Pull up to scene to the crime and I'm painted it
I got some demons in my head
That boy is a singer he talkin to muhfuckin feds
Someone put one in his head
I-I'm tryna get in her legs
Pull up to party I'm makin a mess
D-Droppin his head like [?]
Make him meet his maker
These rappers be foldin like paper
I'm peelin back all of these layers
[?] like the Lakers
I cannot be cool with these bangers
And I told the heat so I feel like a baker
Tell me pull up but I fuck that bitch later
Don't ask me no favors
I'm breakin her back undertaker
If I'm pullin up then there's gonna be casualties
All of these snakes gone muhfuckin rattle me
Don't tell him nothin I think he might rat on me
Shots to his face man it look like some [?]
I let out the gun then I'm run like [?]
Don't take off the rubber that bitch gone detractin
G-G-Got killers they back me ride down like a [?]
Yo bitch lookin tacky [?]
I got my strap on me no lackinn
[?] got plugs [?] got 40 on me when not armed I'm a thug
You pussies is [?] he leakin that info
I ride in that limo you pussies are widows
[?] this gun in my pillow
Don't play with the missile
This Glock gotchu whistle
Don't fuck with the [?]
[?] takin the mag
[?] takin the trash
[?] they don't understand
Bitches is [?] born with no [?]
I'm ready to catch these is shots to the edges
And me and my catchers smoke cigarettes faster
Got [?] for tragic and me I'm in the traffic
And ain't you been laughin that heart beat disaster
I'm takin these [?] we smokin the matter
When nothin do matter I'm breakin the batter
[?] I pull out the dagger
I'm pullin up with ya girl in the basement
[?] just for the [?]
You little pussy [?]
[?] just for my patience
You was just [?]
[?] this conversation
[?] the devil awake bitch

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