Lush lyrics

How you been bro? I been good bro just focus on my purpose keep my mind of her and not be distractedThat's what sup bro, that’s what supBro imagine if she calls thoNah I'm chilling off thatI'm always being asked what to do
But don’t nobody ever ask how are you
Well if I'm sitting in my fucking room who am I suppose to care about if it isn't you
You still the same but I changed at least
Rose up to the top just so I can pay my lease
But truthfully this don't mean nothing to me
Only want you here so you can sayAin't it nice here
Ain't it luscious
And I got it so they can't touch us
Got some wisdom
New instructions
I look to the end with my brothers
Trinity helping me without a fee
Honestly I feel so damn free
Come to me and you can see what I see
With who I be Muhammad Ali with the sting
You can't trouble me always fitting into my peace like puzzle pieces
Look at the scene I think we all need Jesus
That’s my thesis as shit gets real grievous
We need leaders pray that someone would teach us
Battle legions fuck I look like losing freedom
I mean it
Take all damage like vegeta and beat em
Humility comes after demeaning no secret
Just keep it easy
Mami perdóname si un día yo traté (traté)
Pero en verdad que hoy ya me canse
Ya no puedo seguir
Ya no puedo seguir (ya no)
En verdad con tigo
Trato y trato y no voy a u ir
Ya me canse ya bromie
En verdad el diablo me tienta (o Yuh)
Pero yo sé que voy a caer (yo see)
Por eso mejor mami me voy (me voy)
Me voy (me voy) me voy (me voy)
Me voooy
Oh look that we couldn’t but maybe something in the future will bring us back
Oh in a flash I move too fast imma have to bolt this just to backtrack
Might be a test or maybe a quest the way I'm feeling got my heart beating through my chest
Am I obsessed I can’t rest until I got you in my arms once againWatch ya step
Take a breath
Clean ya mess
I'll do the rest
Play the game
I'll do the same
These closing lanes
We merge our pain
It's all been for you
It’s all been for you
I know it somehow
I know it somehowIt's all been for you
It's all been for you
I know it somehow
I know it somehowYuhhh
Yaa me perdi
Ya no encontré, lo que yo busqué
Un día espero que los vuélvanos a ver
(Yuh Yuh)
Ya me perdíiiiiiiii
Mami ya me perdiiiii
(Ya me)
Ya me perdíiii
(Ya me)
Ya me perdiiiiii
Williamtxxx, ARESVICES – Lush

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