Haha, yea
Them niggas know not what they know
I’m sippin’ Veuve Clicquot
And all my oowee’s gon oowee
Haha, aye I start my mornin’ off with meditation
Gotta get my mind right before I hit the pavement
Real nigga let me demonstrate it
You gotta have the bread to buy the crib and renovate it
You know, take some to make some
Them niggas sick and you could see it in they face huh
All of this success breed jealousy
You should look again them niggas is not ahead of me
I’m either in the front or in the back nigga
And if I’m in the back, its probably ‘causе I lapped niggas
You wouldn’t be hot if you was the last niggas
Hustlеr by nature, I’m stackin’ I ain’t no rap nigga
Green thumb and I’m fertilizin’ money trees
I ain’t even wanna hit, I just wanted the company
Started up the company, and I took the L’s too
I ain’t have to say that, but I was feelin’ compelled to
W-I double L, I be, ain’t nobody truer than me
You out here chasin’ money, you pursuin’ defeat
Steppin’ out the crib with somethin’ new on the feet
Me and Hollywood Cole with somethin’ new for the streets
On a island with my niggas at the beach in a jeep
Niggas like architects they like to plot, I’m keepin’ the piece
Never scammed shit ‘cause you could never honor a thief
Hits comin’ back to back like funeral processions
Knew that I had somethin’ special since adolescence
Tried to tell niggas I guess they ain’t get the message
I’m in between flexin’ and makin’ a good investment
I’m smooth as Morgan Freeman vocal chords
Callin’ all my enemies tellin’ em that it’s over for em
Damn it’s over for em they just gotta live with that
I could lost it all, but I’ma always get it back, nigga
(Will Hill, Will Hill, Will Hill, Will Hill
Will Hill, Will Hill, Will Hill, Will Hill)That’s him
Ayye, let’s make a toast ‘cause we got a lot to celebrate
This ain’t a speech, but I just wanna dedicate
To the highs and the lows, L’s and success
Good Cliquot champagne in excess
Scoon pulled up in the bimmer and I pulled up in the Benz
The goal is to split all the money up with my friends
I can’t express the feelin’ I’m feelin’ its so amazin’
The weed smoke come from the west, I’m medicated
We doin’ what we been doin’ levels is elevated
Killin’ everything, the murder premeditated
Said everything that we want and mapped it out
If the money funny, we give you somethin’ to laugh about
Everyday I wake up, know I’m livin’ the dream
Cash cow with it ‘cause I deliver the cream
Couldn’t be nobody else, this shit is in my genes
Raise your glasses up with me if you know what I meanSaid it’s a special occasion
We on the rooftop blazin’
Got you feelin’ amazin’
You jinglin’ baby, yea
Said it’s a special occasion
We on the rooftop blazin’
I got you feelin’ amazin’
You jinglin’ baby, yea
Niggas came too far to be givin’ up
Only got one life, gotta live it up
Get them digits up, I been given the tools
You gon’ play they game or beg em to change the rules?
Success favors the ready, I hold steady
Niggas hate me and ain’t met me, the weight of the crown heavy
Usin’ money for the confetti
I remember bein’ tired of leftover spaghetti
But the past shapin’ the future
Business moves right, I ain’t gotta remain frugal
Learned from experience the game ain’t tutored
Real nigga, and I put it on my name I ain’t losin’
‘Cause a winner never quit and a quitter will never win
I wasn’t out of focus I just had to change the lens
Call the waitress over, tell her bring the bottles in
And everybody raise they glasses up with me againSaid it’s a special occasion
On the rooftop blazin’
Got you feelin’ amazin’
Jinglin’ baby, yea
Said it’s a special occasion
We on the rooftop blazin’
I got you feelin’ amazin’
You jinglin’ baby, yea

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