Wooooo 8am on some business shit
I only do this for the benefits
And I’m slidin’ off the dealership
I built this enterprise you niggas rented this
We’ll come and pick you up
Expensive meals I ain’t goin’ dutch
I’m tryna slide I paid cash for it
The navigation in the dashboard
I’m signin’ my own checks off
They say the journey is the best part
Aye get yo money, leave that bitch alone
You should be careful bout who you kissin’ on
Champagne this some player shit
Been drunk a few days don’t know what day it is
Comin’ live from who you sleepin’ on
We been exеcutin’ what you schemin’ on(We been exеcutin’ what you schemin-)Divine timin’ the universe in alignment
My wrist shinin’ I’m only sippin’ the finest
I’m wearin condoms when dippin’ into vagina
I change the climate when money on the horizon
Them niggas quittin’ I’m keepin’ it independent
The windows tinted I’m pushin’ it to the limit
They pushin’ lemons my weed smoke is exquisite
I really live it I swear I’m defying physics
Humble beginnings I’m changing my own trajectory
Should get your bitches they creepin’ tryna get next to me
Niggas is trippin, they thinkin’ that they ahead of me
Our goals different I’m plannin’ on livin’ wealthily
I want the equity I’m investin’ in dividends
Watchin’ the money double as I light the piff again
(Watchin’ the money double as I light the piff again)

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