Fortaléceme lyrics

I've been up for four days and no I don't do coke
Most days I feel useless like a wheel without spokes
Cause I'm drowning in depression and I hide it so well
Or at least that's what I tell myself
I know I'm known for being energetic
But it feels like my heart is giving out and my emotions going with it
I'm reaching to the Lord praying that he'll heal it
Heartbreak after heartbreak can I get a minute Sin bochorno sígo a Dios y adiós a los Judas que juran Servir lo pero no sirven
I'm just a rose that blooms in the moonlight
I keep it moving despite what the modes likе
Un día la vez es lo que pido yo dе ti
Jesús Fortaléceme para yo poder seguir
Días tienen color? Porque solo veo gris
Restaura tu gozo porqué quiero sonreírI am following the great I am with every single step, I'm realizing who I am
Just a broken man in need of therapy, friends who are heavenly who I depend on heavily
Usually, I power through adversity and muscles through challenges
But I hit a wall that damned near crippled me
Estoy deseoso pa oír "el creció fuerte" y celebrar con mi gente la muerte de la muerte
I'm trying not to be a part of King Saul caravan
Jumping the gun like a horse from laurel Maryland
I'm reaching to The Most High with hopes, I'll never never land
I really really really want to be a better man
Driving through Cheyenne Wyoming the silence asked me "do I really know me?"
After a substantial size of my heart no longer lives it feels like I'm collapsing ever so slowlyYou said "I'll always be with you" "I'll always be with you"
It sounded so nice I had to say it twice
My God My God don't you dilute your Spirit father I just pray fill me up with No ice
La Carta de Mami every day I'm reading until your glory I feel Phantom pain
Holding on to her words and your's fathers I'll be living in tension of healing and painOración
Eso es lo que necesito oración - That's what i need prayer
I'm blooming in the moonlight

Wilfredo – Fortaléceme

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