[Verse 1: Wifisfuneral]
Tell my momma that Grim got my back
So I ain’t worried about shit
Life after death on the left Rich Life
On my right I ride
I was on a mission
Said I plotted on a milli
Hope God can forgive me ten toes down, wow
You was really riding for your niggas since they really held it down yeah
Come rock with me baby, Come shop with me baby
All the dope boys love you and your top getting crazy
The light’s getting darker so I might not make it
Boy I’m sipping on a (?) with a bitch in the vacant
She can feel she made a (?)
So I had to undertake her
Creep her like an undertaker
Reaching for a shot so if I pop I gotta make it
And this bitch ain’t seeing blue hundreds
And this bitch ain't getting naked
Real getting money
Niggas running up a check, baby what’s up [Verse 2: Danny Towers]
I’m just wondering why
Niggas talk like my bitch do
I’m a big dog lil nigga you a shitzu
You a flip flock, big job, no pistol
Niggas selling rock they depend on the crystal
But I’m still the same lil nigga from the block
Only thing changed is the name of my watch
Big face rolly it don't ever tick tock
Big dope in my sock, niggas know how I rock
I just spent my last dime on you
Shit I would’ve done a dime for you
Fuck that man I would’ve done life
So I held my gun tight just in case I had to ride for you
Die for you

So I got the coke and the lean and I mixed it
Cost 15 for the jeans and I ripped them
Trynna ride me that don’t seem realistic
You can feel the heat from the beam of the ripstick

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