(This is the end) Yeah, yeah, yeah[Verse]
Aye wait hold up its lil Zay from out the bridge
I been sittin', rottin' on my [?] like how you found me dead
Had to activate my mental when I'm glidin', flyin' off the pill
I'm off of 30s, blew threw 200, niggas out here [?] frontin'
Switches on them .30s with the shots we in the [pool?] huntin'
All you boys just woofin' with that [?] like bitch just shoot somethin'
And this shit gon' kick back like Lui Kang we takin' souls and number
I feel like Max Payne, I'm off that perc just 'fore they [?]
Jump right off the porch, I need some bread this basic shit ain't [?]
What's your life like it [?] me
Bitches they deceive me
Nigga did me greasy
Try to leave me dead off of the [?] like where the piece be?
They just mad I dug out from my grave but I'm a freak, see
Bad lil bitch, she buss it like she miss it, she a freak [?]
Legs get like a [?], I'm gon' eat it, she gon' need me
Mixing up all that Wock' inside the Tris but I ain't sleepy
I just poured a 4 inside the [?] and do it neatly
If I pop this X I'm fuckin' every hoe that greet me
Younger me would flex but now I'm wonderin' where the [?] be
Sign your favorite rapper [?] deal, like come and peep me
I can't beef with opps if I can [?] 'em for a cheap fee
*unfinished 1:17

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