[Verse 1]
Let's put all this shit just to the test
I'm off this pill for regret
I'm off this pill for neglect
When my eyes close I die slow
Pry it open, do or die
[?] that I know can't fold cause I'm God chosen
Lets switch my life in this bitch
Since you want this shit, acting like its so formal
Imagine poppin' three pills a day just to feel normal
Imagine people blow out your brains and claim they adore you
See this my life in hell and I don't wish on wishing wells
But listen, miss, I do intel, them expectations make me frail
I'm just a ghost inside a shell but you can't crack me out my bail
And now these perkies got my eyes bleedin', lookin like that I'm fiendin'
She said that she hate it when I'm high, shit, I see it
By the time I'm slurrin' on my words, shit, I'm not breathing
I been sleepin in cold sweats, regret, and dry-heaving
I ain't got the [?] to my soul that's [?] that's just how I see it
If they try to fade me to black, tell 'em "Divide it even"
Alright, yeah
Uh [Verse 2]
Percocet all in my flesh keep me content
Can't feel this pain off this pill, can't over-step, uh
But I'm a demon in the flesh, its the truth, I must confess
So when I tweak I'm at my best
So pass the dead, we just might roll somethin'
I been sittin', itching for a lick now just to prove somethin'
I been way too humble with this shit well now my mood frontin'
I put the scope right on the drac', we call them like we do somethin'
I just powered up right off the perc see it gon' boost somethin'
Don't make me talk that shit cause I'll get lost up inside that mix
Can't quit these drugs, it is what it is but, I think its sad we ended up here
And if you can save me, do it quick, cause I think I need that shit, no kidding
My mind [?] that's since my youth
And I want voices out my head, they quick to kill me in the room
And I feel like I'm crazy, blank staring at white walls
Aye momma, how you made me, can't blame me, I fight strong
See daddy, he ain't raise me, fuck it, we got the lights on
Exit side [?] white rice, no emotion, the night long
See [?] love that bottle but he raised me, fuck it, he ten toes
But I can't give you credit; see that shit right there embedded so much trauma in my head
But it take one just to know one, I'm an addict, play it fair

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