First Verse (Coke)Coke God..I was born cynical of the world I’m brought to/
Realized everything is fake as fuck like a cartoon/
Villainous actions got my sinister self laughing /
Balancing my shadow
Enter my inner battle, all you see is angels and demons screaming at war contesting the main chapel/Like who will win? /
Yeah, me and I we some hooligans /
Going stupid in a dirty pit where we throwing fists /
Not our fault, if you jump in and get fucked up ! /
If you fall please don’t be a bitch, so stand up ! /Call me Santa , when I pull up with some hoes and hoes and hoes /
With a fit that's froze like North Pole /
Only lord knows where poor souls go /
When they’re greeted by death, step through the portal /Into Morthal, then head into a shop to buy an Orc Bow /
Then I’m sending shots right at the store owner /
I don’t miss, My skills sick like a cop pig who abuses his power /
Came to this planet simply to confuse and devour the fools and use the energy to
Rise up and empower... /
Been sent from heavens nest
To expose the filthy pests who’ve structured the matrix
The fake is so contagious that the truth is taboo and weightlessWake the fuck up
There’s scheming going on to keep you living in your own prison /
I’m not fibbin’ just detach and get dippin’ /
So we can relax and start livin’(Jigs Verse)*introWoah, nah nah nah nahFuck all that auto-tune shit boyNiggas like forgot I could rap n' shitFuck all that auto-tune shit, I don't even wanna do that auto-tuneNo capI just wanna rap
I just wanna rap(Second Verse)Niggas geeked up like it's Woodstock in '69 /
Livin' risky like my maker gave me 60 lives /
I'm on 59' still hopping buildings like I'm Cooper off of 60 lines /
Still really high, I ain't talking weary eyes /I keep them open like yo bitches thighs /
Think she losing interest in you nigga, she attracted to yo business mind /
These niggas treating shitty pennies like they silver dimes /
Pumping up they noggins till' they big as Stewie Griffin's top /There ain't no slowing her down, you gave that bitch the crown /
And she don't listen to your verbs cause you just a noun /
And it was just a little tab now I'm in the pound /
Don't remember anything I did but I ain't getting now /Mind darker than some tinted windows /
Mind fucked my main hoe and turned her to a 'skitzo /
Mind altering drugs in my system got me tweakin' at the disco /
Mind blow these haters like they brain was coke and mentos /Still so suspenseful, I'm not sentimental /
Piss on that bitch if she's not what I'm into /
I killed my heart and it revived my mental /
King of this rage shit, I'm so monumental /( Coke Verse 3 )I’ve been flossing my achievements no dental /
I don’t hold on to that fake shit, I let go /
It seems yo bitch don’t respect you or listen, I hear that there’s training at Pet-Co actually /
Nicknamed Geppetto /I’m the puppet master /
Controlling all of the sunken empty actors /
Haven’t you heard ?
I’m the black magic caster /
Rapper who skates and rocks thrasher /Who’s a dancer with his words /
Just peep my records /
I do this shit in superb fashion /
No need for me rehearse my own tactics /I am ready, don’t get ready /
Stand 10 toes my body’s calm and steady /
Lyrical bombs are heading through the speakers /
Turning all of my doubters into believers /If you ain’t awake then you a sleeper /
This ain’t DreamWorks /
Coke and Jig coming up together that’s some teamwork /
You seen it first /When we blow up let’s see who eager to hop on the bandwagon /
Cause we fly and spit hot like some damn dragons /
You’ve been laggin’ so far behind I’m sure you lack passion /
But that’s okay, just use us as motivation to take action /(You can do it! You can do anything you want!)Life’s a roller coaster ride...So better fasten your seat belt cause you’ll never know what’ll happen or what sights you’ll see out /
On this ride through the universe /
To reverse the curse that hurts /
The searching who’s only wish is one thing /That’s to find love, happiness, and peace /
I speak peace but keep a piece /
I take beats and tear them piece by piece /
My side piece walks in and shrieks
Cause I’m turning to a beast! /
Whisper The Coke God – SUPERSTARS ON COKE

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