Oh, yo
Uh [Verse]
Straight from the glory of the God
If the bitches come from Venus and my niggas come from Mars
We can meet up in the middle, let's go, function in the stars
From the glory of the—uh
What's a fight when it was titans that I sparred?
That's how I ended up with lightning in a jar
You gon' die behind a bar
Devil tried to scratch my body with his claws
I ain't notice, thought that shit was a massage
From the glory of the—uh
I just had a dream that I done juggled
All the heads of all your motherfuckin' kings, fuck a team
I'm with the whoops, I put a missile to your roof
Kill a couple since you rapper niggas always form in groups
I couldn't tell you who is who
I look around and see a whole lot of smiling
That's why I woke up and chose violence, this shit so unexciting
Don't tell me how you tried to do it different
The position seems tempting 'til you in it
From the Glory of the God, uh
I just ran a mile through the fog
Ran it by you so your memory get jogged
From the glory of the—[Outro]
Do you want free will? Do you trust in fate?
Trust in fate, trust in fate
What would you do if it could change your days
Change your days, change your days
What would you do if it could change your days

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