Werd, Supermann on da beat Go all out, crescendo
Crack’s like hit with a kendo
Nagasaki gon' mental
Take off the mask and I bask in instrumentals
Yeah, back to offend you
Bad to the bag-pack rap crews
Tend to; get them upset with the bars & my own views
I don’t even take aim, I just stain through
Guess it’s the ink that I must use
Trust, I don’t think I’m above you
Just, I don’t cling and suck up dudes
Just, just do me and f**k up tunesFirst, in the Firth
Done kilt it in kilts
Done ceilidhs for cash to help pay the bills
I done Robert Burns raps on stages still
I want to be me - Not found my-sеllSo, I’m back to this, cactus with
All these wee pricks pushing me to spit
But thе mic’s gone cold and the dust it sits
Though now and then the rap-addiction hits
I like new rap…
All you’re dictions good
Just think you’re dicks when you ditch who’s you
You got London slang, and your bars are good
But you got London slang, so bars your aren’t true
I guess I’m a’ Judge (Judge)
Call me Dredd
But ain't on the police side
Or policing you Hip-Hop Heads
I just can’t rest
No sleep for the wicked
No tumbleweed and no crickets
No here to appease to critics
Reason I did it? Well...
We’ll come back to that in a minute
Sounded like a hook, sometimes I just sing in
Sometimes just wing it. Sometimes unwritten
Rap’s pretty easy, some emcees kidding
Fibbing, listen; those bars are your prison
Locked in with syndrome
Of spitting like kings in the mid-lands
Your Kingdom is shit, man
We stay in a place that is hurting
So really don’t care when bragging’s the subject
See I’ve mates dying or chasing the dragon
Crying for purpose(So, f**k happy dug-shit)I’ve been lost for a while
I went soft in my style
Had a whole album I held back
Had to patch rap when the love of my life passed
Like I was shoved in an ice bath
Want to take my life to have her back
Lucky I had shrooms and a note-pad
Else I’d consume the doom and not fight back
Still broken. But I’m coping
A lot better place when the rhymes have focus
A lot better face when your eyes aren’t swollen
A lot better mates now the fake one’s boltedOh how I fell
I was an echo of myself
Chased Heaven - found HellOh how I fell
I was an echo of myself
Chased Heaven and found

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