Freestyle lyrics

(khroam on the beat)
No hook
Know what I'm sayin’, straight off the dome

Verse 1
Ayy, 2018 is when I knew I was gon' be a king
Diamonds flossin' ’cause I'm stay doin' my thing
I'm ballin', got the haters mad they ain't fallin'
My money never stallin'
I’m tellin’ you who I am
My name be Wali Da Great
I be a straight up G
I smoke a lot of trees
Yah, you know who I'll be
You know who the fuck I’ll be
Diamonds flossin', diamonds never fallin'
They never knew who I was, they never knew who I was
I stay grind and shine
I stay with the drip, I stay with the rip
I stay with the sip, I stay with the pimp, I stay with the sit
Niggas always talkin' a lot of shit but they always get hit
They never step on me but they always get hit
The hardest nigga who ever spit
Pussy niggas get hit
I don’t need no hook, I don't ? no cook, I don't need go shook
I go hard, I go hard for my music
My music is like ? a dick, it gotta go hard
My music's like my dick, my paper's real thick
I'm real slick like Michael Vick
So what they fuckin' talkin' 'bout, nigga?
You never knew me, you never been with me
So I'm a straight up G
I only fuck bad hoes, and I smoke a lot of tros
Fuck a old used up ho, I'm a fuckin' pro
I got a bad bitch, her ass is like J-Lo
I make the haters lay low
Gotta gotta cash, I'm the hottest nigga ever flow
And I smoke a lot of 'dro
So haters, you can never get a dough
I got a bad bitch and she blow
You already know
Somethin' like a football game, I'm — I'm a pro
I'm a black LeBron James, I play no games
I'm doin' my thing
And I'm like LeBron, again, I'm a king

Yuh, for real
Uh huh, I say it goes down shawty, ya know what I'm sayin'?
? talkin' bout, shawty
Know what I'm sayin', it's Wali Da Great, nigga, ? 2019 my year, nigga
I'm drippin' hard in the city, nigga
I run Atlanta, nigga
Wali Da Great, nigga, king of the underground, nigga
You already know it
I'm out this bitch, nigga, ?

Wali Da Great – Freestyle

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