Intro: Puffy, AmiYumi & packgod
When there's trouble, you know who to call (Penis lickers)
From their tower, they can see it all (Um, guys, we got some trouble in the city, let's go)
Cock fuckers

Verse 1: packgod & Larrrycroft
Yeah, hop on his cock and I feel like a Beast Boy
Dick in my mouth and his nut gonna deploy
Made him a clone and I analled the decoy
Eight shlongs in my booty, we having a convoy
Fucked in the hood, now I'm lookin' like Raven
His balls still hairy, he still hasn't shaved 'em
Inside of his asshole, yeah, that's what I came in
Bionical BBC all I be craving
I sucked on his dick and he busted a circuit
He gave mе a dollar and told me to twerk it
He turnеd into a horse and he told me to jerk it
He moaned in my ear and I thought it was Turkish

Ehhh, but it actually was not
I thought it was a sailboat, he pulled out a yacht
He put it in auto, I ain't talkin' bot
His dick started sneezing, I ain't talkin' snot
His dick started sneezing, I ain't talkin' tissue
Pulled out for a minute, he's havin' an issue
Bitch I'm like Robin, don't know what I've been through
We shootin' a movie, I ain't talking Hulu
He flew me to Taiwan and gave me the bamboo
He's just a teen but his dick like a titan
He gave me the trident, I feel like Poseidon
His stage name was fury, but his real name was Tyson
I'm mining his shaft and I found me a diamond
His grandpa just walked in my asshole just tightened

I'm licking, I'm sucking, I'm rubbin', I'm fucking
I'm loving, I'm shovin', his dick in my asshole
I'm rocking I'm socking I'm flicking, I'm flocking
I'm droppin', I'm climbing that dick just like a castle
I served him my booty, he smacked it like tennis
He opened my mouth and he called me his dentist

Verse 2: Larrrycroft
Like, suma luma duma luma suck a dick and suck another
Fuck ya sister, fuck ya brother, grab a mask, we undercovers
Fuck ya mother, fuck ya daddy, fuck ya granny, she a baddy
Where he at? I need the addy
Flip him over like a patty
Austin Powers, he gon' shag me
Got a virus, now I'm laggy
Call his team and they gon' tag me
Pull it out and start to gag me
Want the shlong, I want it badly
Jake from State Farm, fuck his khakis
Smelt his ass, that shit was nasty
"Give me gawky" I will gladly

Chorus: packgod
When there's trouble, you know who to call (Who? Who?)
Dick lickers (Yeah)
From our tower, we can suck 'em all (Ah, ah)
Cock suckers (Yeah)
When there's evil on the attack (What the fuck?)
I will nut all over its back (Uh)
My dick looks just like a Tic Tac (That's really small)
Up on Discord, I started to pack
(You want to suck a dick!)


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