Ahead of the game
Pull up with a rocket & profit, you don't do the same All of you lame
Don't suck up, we poppin', no stoppin', bitch you know the nameYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Secure the bag nowww
Stack, stack, stack, stack
Up in my PayPallllllYuh, yuh, my name she say nowww
Yuh, yuh, my name she say nowwwStack, stack, stack, stack
Up in my PayPallllll
Yeah, yuh, yuh, yuh
My name she say nowHit it from the back, you know she like it like dattttt
Like dattt, like dattttHit it from the back, you know she like it like dattttt
Like dattt, like dattttEat her up, she wants to know me
Asks for sushi, I say okay
I'm fucked up, feelin' so dopey
Want her laugh, she wanted cocaine
I'm a man that can't feel no pain
I'm too faded, but I'm okay
You don't like me? Bitch, it's tushay
Gave bruh bruise just like I'm Bruce Lee, YUH!
Bad bitch, guap, like holy
Sad bitch on the poly
Has a story, please bitch don't chu bore me
Please bitch, don't say sorryOn the highway, lifeless
Phone, turn down my brightness
Priceless & I'm bias
Please don't ask for pricesPlease recognize your demons
Don't get caught up in your feelings
Sippin' slowly through the ceilin'
Extract codeine out so freely
Might, pour up a 4 then just leave it
If we don't score you just dreamin
She beggin' for more of my semen
Fuck her all morning, it don't have no meaningGleamin, denim
Gucci, catch feelings
Just weed now, it's cleaner
Cops shootin.. I feel it
This world need some healin'
Stomp his face in the cement
Got purple, we leanin'
Got smoke now, no fiendin'

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